Green Box G50 Industry

7,20 €

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This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 192 units for this product.

Dimensions: 50x80x60cm.

The G50 is the most compact of the family Green box and not less important. With a few measures of 50x80x60cm and a curb weight of only 6kg it is capable of storing up to 80kg of a wide range of fruit and vegetables, keeping all their properties, avoiding incidents in transportation and reduce product losses almost to zero.

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The G50, with a load capacity of up to 80kg is ideal for providing added value to smaller products and it is easier to handle in store. The replenishment times can be reduced and the carefully-polished image can considerably increase product sales. As with the other Green Box products, thanks to the vertical ventilation system and robust structure, the products are preserved better since incidents are prevented during transportation.

icono frescura

Optimum freshness and quality

punto de venta

Ready to use at the point of sale

compromiso icon-ecologico

Ecological commitment

icono compatible

Compatible with EURO and ISO pallets

icono apilamiento

Easy and safe stacking

icono refrigeración

Improves product cooling


Distributor Advantages

+ Less loss of product.

+ Vertical ventilation.

+ Optimal stability.

+ Easy manipulation in platforms and stores.

+ Reduction of packaging tare.

+ Without bonds.

+ Without administrative costs.

+ Re-packaging without costs.

Producer Advantages

+ Immediate service, lower stock level.

+ Same cost as traditional alternatives.

+ No bail or waste risk.

+ Low administrative costs.

+ Easy and efficient handling.

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